We pledge to provide free K-12 education to all through a public-private initiative which will engage entrepreneurs.

  1. Through a public-private partnership, the government will determine the funds to educate one student for one year. It will then invite entrepreneurs to receive available funds and educate students following quality standards mandated by the government.
  2. Schools so started by entrepreneurs will be called “semi-private” schools — schools supported by government funds where students are taught for free.
  3. Every K-12 student will be taught a nationwide standard course in mathematics, sciences and language. We expect this approach to reduce the cost of K-12 education by preparing all students for any field of study in higher education.
  4. Every student will be required to study three languages: Nepali, English and a third language. The third language could either be a local one or an international one. The central goals of K-12 education will be extensive reading and writing comprehension as well as critical thinking.

Entrepreneurship, eastern values and plurality will be foundation of K-12 education.