Hamro Party will introduce and implement social policy to uplift the living standard and social status of poor and underprivileged irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, caste and creed. Key target area of our social policy is highlighted here.

  1. Reservation in public sector opportunities will be targeted to underprivileged people of all sectors and communities.
  2. We will introduce policy to protect and promote our traditional diversity based on ethnicity, language, culture and religion.
  3. Hamro Party will introduce an anti-discrimination watch body at the federal level to monitor and stop age, gender, religion and ethnicity based discrimination in private and public sectors.
  4. With the belief that education is the only way to eradicate poverty and enhance social status, Hamro Party will start a campaign to mandate government sponsored free K-12 education for every child in the nation.
  5. We will introduce laws to prosecute people who disturb social harmony through irresponsible statements and activities.

We believe diversity unites us. So we will remain diverse and united.