Hamro Party will promote simple and transparent industrial policy to provide needed support, security and respect to all entrepreneurs who, in return, we expect will help us generate full employment in the country. We will start with following specific steps:

  1. Create an entrepreneur-friendly environment in the country by simplifying corporate tax codes and company laws. We will setup a single window policy so that an entrepreneur can register a company within an hour by filling up one page application form.
  2. Overhaul current corporate law to jumpstart innovation. We will create an environment where people with ideas and people with money can work together, grow businesses, and generate employment.
  3. Promote “green” industries and sustainable agriculture.
  4. Establish procurement and quality control procedures.
  5. We will invest in infra-structure development using public-private partnership model to build roads, hydro/wind/solar plants.
  6. Encourage and incentivize export-oriented industries, including handicrafts, tourism, and information technology.
  7. Privatize all government-run businesses which have been operating at a loss.